Friday, October 12, 2007

The end of the beginning

I can't believe college has come to an end (appart from examz).. Feels like only last month it all began... At least its been one heck of a rollercoster ride!

Since day one... have always been wishing for college to end and so go into uni... but now to think of it.. these past 16 months has probably been the best 16 months of my life!

Meeting new friends *PE12*... going to new places *P.D.*... trying so many new, sum crazy, yet incredible and unforgettable things. I'm realy gonna miss all u ppl! and thats doesnt meen just PE12... all those other ppl i met along this journey too.. Sonya, Debs, Akash and the rest of the PL gang... as well as those random ppl who just simply call out my name in the middle of college, leaving me standing there thinking "Who are they?? Never met them before... Stalkers??" =P

But most of all.. None of this would have been possible without my parents, especially my dad for working almost 24/7, to fund my college experience. And even my bro.. for making those bored and crappy moments at home, brighter and filled with laugter... even though he's in aussie.

If i had one wish, it would be... For everyone to graduate at the same time as me... And that means Wanyen, Amirah, Aziem, Hari, Serena, Amir, Sanjeve and all the other scholars and Differd peeps whom are so very clsoe to me...


GAMBATEH for the examz and for all those continuing onto next year.
Already miss u loads!


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