Friday, October 12, 2007

The end of the beginning

I can't believe college has come to an end (appart from examz).. Feels like only last month it all began... At least its been one heck of a rollercoster ride!

Since day one... have always been wishing for college to end and so go into uni... but now to think of it.. these past 16 months has probably been the best 16 months of my life!

Meeting new friends *PE12*... going to new places *P.D.*... trying so many new, sum crazy, yet incredible and unforgettable things. I'm realy gonna miss all u ppl! and thats doesnt meen just PE12... all those other ppl i met along this journey too.. Sonya, Debs, Akash and the rest of the PL gang... as well as those random ppl who just simply call out my name in the middle of college, leaving me standing there thinking "Who are they?? Never met them before... Stalkers??" =P

But most of all.. None of this would have been possible without my parents, especially my dad for working almost 24/7, to fund my college experience. And even my bro.. for making those bored and crappy moments at home, brighter and filled with laugter... even though he's in aussie.

If i had one wish, it would be... For everyone to graduate at the same time as me... And that means Wanyen, Amirah, Aziem, Hari, Serena, Amir, Sanjeve and all the other scholars and Differd peeps whom are so very clsoe to me...


GAMBATEH for the examz and for all those continuing onto next year.
Already miss u loads!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Last Month

September 11th:

I actually prayed that day. For all those people that died on this day. Some people hate the Americans but there actually is no reason for such emotions to go outspoken. So George Bush may be the worst president the USA ever had... who cares??? realy!... Not everyone is perfect. We all make mistakes (ok.. probably not this big!)... it all comes down to those who gave their life protecting the ones they love and cherish the most. Some firefighters died doing what they do best, saving lives. It doesnt matter what race or religion you are. Whether you can accept the fact that what you believe in is true or false makes each individual an individual in its own.

September 12th:

Kevin's b-day!!! this was the first time i got out of the house during the hols.. Arrived at the Wangsa Maju LRT around 8pm. Kevin there stoning as usual but behind the driving wheel this time =P.. What made the ride to the dinner place very adventurous is that we were driving on almost zero fuel... the fuel cuation light was constantly on *worst case scenario: Car stops in the middle of the road at a traffic light =P*.. In any case we went for STEAMBOAT!!! and it was GREAT!! awesome stuff.. the small mamak like restaurant was fairly empty and the food tasted better than... beef noodles on a rainy day after 3hrs of badminton =P. We just kept burning our fish but who cares! it's our food and we loved it!... there were suppose to be more than just us 2 but the rest couldn't make it ='(. So we ended up crap talking all night XD..

September 19th:

My b-day!!! it seemed like just another one of those birthdays where i just sit at home waiting on phone calls but luckily this time it was different. My bro called that morning to wish me happy birthday *so sweet =)*.. My dad took me to this italian restaurant in Empire Tower near Jln Ampang. Porto Romano is the name. Food there is friggin good!! The Lamb shank was so tender and the saurce was AMAZING! Saddly my dad was in a rush and had to go to work shortly after lunch... as for me... i went to Ridzuan! ... met the folks there. Hari and gang.. we were on the way to sunway with Serena and Asvin (the gang =P).. Just a note.. Women still take forever to get ready to go anywhere =P... Had lunch round 2 at Mc'ds in Sunway... then went for ice-skating... Wanyen was suppose to come but she was too tired to come as she had arrived in subang from that A** of a long ride from Kelantan early that same morning.. Ice skating was way better than the times before. Racing with serena non-stop.. lol that was fun. Crashed into each other dunno how many times (couldn't really stop on the ice =P)... and sumhow Asvin will be caught up in the mess XD. Everyone started to pick up the pace after like 2hrs skating around. But i just couldn't beat serena!... i admit she's way too fast... l8er on serena left and asvin went to the gym... me n hari were shopping in Giant for watermelon and other stuff *that watermelon is freaking heavy!*... waiting outside the gym for asvin while watching those pro ice skaters, and struggling to contact her *gyms have very thick walls =P*... then finally she said she couldnt join us for dinner *so sad... it was down to me n hari again.. haih.. =(*... We went to AC for Ikan Bakar... i havent had ikan bakar since dunno when before this... Wanyen managed to come.. but only could stay a while.. *and was down to me n hari.. AGAIN =(*

Final words... Thx everyone for making september a great month for me... by far the best september throughout my stay here in malaysia =P.

Love you all!

Lots of details have been missed out due to time constraints =P
-Need my sleep-