Monday, July 2, 2007

Truth about Reality

Everyone has their own dreams of what they want to be in the future. But sad to say, many don't achieve that dream because of their financial situation, for the most part.

Me.. I always wanted to be a sailor, maybe have my own cruise liner one day. But that may not be possible. My mummy said that I should be a chef. That way i won't be away from my family for far too long... and sailing can be dangerous. Yeah i would like to be a chef but I really love the oceans and seas. But being a professional chef is a lot cheaper than going into maritime studies.

My financial situation isn't as great as i hoped it would be. My dad is working day and night non-stop from 8am till 10pm everyday just so that the family can have a bright future to look towards to. But here in Malaysia... doctors don't get paid much. Me dad was actually getting nearly twice as much in Africa than here *it really goes to show the importance placed by a country on the health of it's people.. it's sad*. Most of the money earned goes to my education *Mummy handles my bro's half and me dad handles mine*.

The stupid thing is... I'm no "A" student.. i do get "A" every now and then but seldom. Just an average student studying in one of the most expensive colleges in Malaysia.

As for my dreams... i'm not sure if they will come true. We're struggling to get enough money to pay the rent, bills.. food etc and on top of that the crazy 7K tuition fees that Taylors is happily taking from us. My dad has to take the bus to work everyday just because we can't afford a car, and worse yet petrol prices are increasing even if we did have one. During the beginning of the holiday my dad asked his brother if he could borrow some money to help pay the college fees for my last semester. He got the money but i absolutly hate myself for seeing that happen. *I feel like a worthless liability in the family. Just expenses. expenses. EXPENSES!!* But even after he wanted me to go visit my mom and bro in adelaide.. as much as i wanted to say yes, i had to refuse.. the flight tickets are just way too expensive. I can't believe my dad was willing to give up soooo may days of hard earned money just so that i can have a good time out. And he himself hasn't had a vacation of any sort for 7 long years. *poor daddy =(*

When i grow up i want to be able to pay back every penny that my dad has spent on me... my bro.. and everything else that he has done through years of non-stop work and sacrifice just so that I and my family can live a brighter future.

I LOVE you dad, mummy, and robin.
*i know i havent mentioned much of my mum's hard work but she too is doing her best at what she loves most, nursing*

Sumthing that caught my ear yesterday, CNN's Eye On Russia:

CEO fo Rusal, Largest producer of Aluminum in the world, said:

"My dream was to become a Physicsit, but in today's world everyone has to make sacrifices. My family, 23 years ago, were nearly broke... My parents did not have enough money to support my education so everyday i went to the library and read up on marketing and investment. When i was 26 years old i decided to start my own company. It was tough at first but 5 years later the soviet union collapsed and a new Russia began. My company's asset value had grown from 2000 to 4.6 billion in that time. Today it is worth 19.7 Billion."

Even if he never achieved his dream, he still managed to get stand up from the fall and make a difference.

Don't ever think that you have let yourself or others down. There's always a way up again