Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I miss..

.. my mom
.. my bro, Robin
.. my cousins and uncles
.. going to the cinema
.. my country, Slovakia
.. my own language, Slovak
.. visiting the beach
.. the cold snow
.. beautiful fresh air
.. my dad *he works too much*
.. being on a boat, whether going down a river or sailing the open seas
.. Africa, I always love the wildlife
.. the serene views over the lake facing the sunset.
.. my college & skool mates
.. those great conversations
.. the fun times
.. travelling
.. shopping *lol i sound like a girl =P*
.. Slovak food
.. Goofing off with my bro
.. a little life in this house *it's quite empty nowadays*

.. and everyone else who have made my stay here in Malaysia fun, loving, and unforgettable.

Thank you everyone!! and.. as Serena might say, " and God bless"

Love ALL u ppl!!
*i think i strayed off topic a bit =P*

Friday, June 22, 2007

To PD and back again!

19th June,

Another beautiful day to go out. Woke up at 7:30am. I know its early but i had to take the ktm to kajang to meet hari serena and ashvin (i hope im spelling this rite =P). Transport was not a problem. Taxi to the ktm was esy to get. And the ktm left about 3 minutes after i arrived there. Just NICE!

twas a long ride to kajang. Almost an hour. arrived there at about 10am.
Waiting. waiting. waiting.... lol i should have known... in malaysia everything is an hour late XD.
And there they came at last... serena.hari.ashvin.

Ktm ride was like really long.. but easy to pass the time. Just talk and talk and sleep and talk and take lotsa pictures.

Going to Seremban!

what a time to start advertising =P

Arriving at seremban we wish Ashvin off and then got ourselves an ice-cream. YumYum.
Took a few pics while waiting for heng to come pick us up.

Oh and heng showed up in a toyota..something lol can't remember the model but it was nice.

Pilot Heng headed for the cinema! =P

Yeap.. thats rite. We all went to watch Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer before going to PD.

lol DONKEY!! nono. not the one with 4 legs XD.

Hari NEEDED to take a pic with Jessica Alba.

We had nothing better to do XD

And like almost every other outing. Lunch was at Mc'Ds

After all the food and movie and arcade, twas time to head to PD.

And we took a lot of pictures there too.

The beach.


And a whole lot more!


seaweed + water + sun's reflction = Beautiful

That way to china. =P

The sun and water always make for a romantic scene

Just simply clicking away.

Very random but i like it =)

One day i'll be out there. Sailing.

Heng took this amazing picture.

They call this bridge the "love bridge".

Dinner and Heng's. The food was great!! Heng's mom really knows how to cook a great meal.

Later that night near the beach.

After we got back. Everyone was getting sooo sleepy. We all watched "NEXT". The movie was quite kool at the start but after seen how it ended. ehh it kinda sucked. Hari left to sleep first. Then Serena was slowly falling asleep on the couch. My eyes were opening and closing non-stop. And heng.. he was so stuck into the movie. Eyes wide open staring at the screen =P.

oh and going to bed, Heng and I robbed hari of his blanket XD.

Woke up later that morning. Went to this mamak nearby for breakfast. Food was quite nice there. Then we came back home. Got our stuff. And went to the lighthouse/radar thingy.

hari.serena.heng walking up to the top.

The peacefulness at the top.

Group pik! kinda far though :S

i always wanted ot get a picture of bees on a flower.

Some of the last pictures we took while we were in PD.

This trip was a well worth spent tuesday till wednesday lunch.
I feel like going back there.
Its much more peaceful than KL.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ever come to a standstill?? Feels like the whole world just stopped.
I try not to think about it but everywhere i go, whatever i try to do its just keeps coming back to me. Sometimes i think i'm going crazy...

What would i do without this thing... the voice that i would never have... a place where i could just be myself and spill my hearts worth... so what if its not brain empowering ... screw that, the most important thing for me is that i can breath and i can paint this page with what and how i feel....

i do feel that i am loosing a part of myself. Why does it seem so important to me?? Why can't i just let it go?... why?? Do i want to let it go?? i don't know anymore. My chest gets heavier by the minute. Like the whole world revolves around this...

its getting harder to sleep nowdays. There's always this cold draft even with the windows shut. Daddy is always at work... and when he does come at night he goes to sleep. Mummy and Robin are in Australia. It's tormenting to know that there's nobody around to talk to... share my thoughts. Yesterday when i came back from PD. I prayed the longest prayer in my entire life. I felt releaved after that... like a weight has been lifted. Guess it is true when they say that you will never be alone. Serena was right. Even when there is nobody around there's always God.

"The loneliest people can still find hope and friendship, even when the world has turned their back on them"
-Kwanzaa Katlego-
Human Rights Executive Director of Kenya, 1995-1999

Ever believe in second chances??

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

17th June.. PROM

Finally after waiting for sooo long, Prom has come!

Woke up at about 11am thinking how the day might go *hoping actually*. Was about to eat lunch but i just suddenly lost my appetite. Just sitting around the house waiting for time to pass by. Oh God was it me or did time just go by veeerrrryy slow.

At last 4pm. Time to head to Heng's place! *yep yep just to meet up and go as a group*
Ariff came shortly after i arrived. *he looked... formal =P*
Took a few pics there too XD.

Ariff, Me, Heng

And off to Ridzuan we go, the three of us. *there actually could have been four =(*

And let the pictures do the talking =).

Looking smart Hari ^^

Group picture with Ridzuan folks =P

In the taxi going to J.W. Marriot Hotel

Looks a bit blur.

Why the same pose EVERYWHERE??

Serena, Heng, Sharm, Deb, Sonya, Ashvin


Loved the food and preparation ^^

How to dance in a 15 x 15 cm piece of paper =P

IT'S SAM!! lol

Prom king and Queen dancing to Careless Whisper.


Heng and Serena. 105 of 234 pictures taken at prom had either one of their faces in it @_@.

And everything else. For the most part.

In conclusion. It was a great night. My first ever prom. The food was good. Everybody looked so stylish and beautiful. If only the very first song was not cut short =(.

I did have certain hopes and expectations but not everything goes as u hope it could.

and yes this post is 3 days late =P

Friday, June 15, 2007



AS exams are DONE WITH!!
been waiting for this day for sooo long. Now what??


oh dear!

I hope it turns out to be great. Well at least not boring like the previous one.
But first. Prom.

Last weekend i went shopping with my dad. Bought a coat/jacket and matching pants.
50% discount!!
That was the first Jacket in my life that is considered to be my own. YaY

Well till then I'm just going to try and relax. Catch up on lost sleep. Eat ice-cream! =D

anyone want some ice-cream??

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


this is short!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Completely Random =P

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Art of a Conversation

Well to start off, here is what NOT to do:

1. Ignore the person who is talking *well DUH!! how else can u have a conversation then??*

2. Start stoning *its OK once in a while.. i mean then u get to poke or nudge that person into listening =P*

3. Give a one word response such as "yea".. "ok".. "no" *Trust me if the conversation is to last PLEASE don't do this. Trying to think of something to say back after this kind of response is not an easy task unless u have this whole list, 10 pages long, of what to say next*

4. And all the obvious things such as jumping off a building, running off, pillow fights, throwing ice-cream at him/her etc.. *i like the throwing ice-cream idea.. hmm i must try that one day XD*

Alright now that that is out of the way lets see what a conversation might looks like.

John: Yo!

Cindy: hi!!! *note the triple "!!!" compared to John's single "!". This means that the day has been good so far for Cindy but John might have had some problems. Lost a game of DotA a few minutes ago perhaps?? =P*

John: Had your breakfast yet?

Cindy: Nope not yet. How about you?

John: um.. isn't that why i'm here? *note: he answered the question with a question. Smart thinking =P.*

Cindy: Well.. i guess! So what are you gonna order?

John: I don't know, you first.

Cindy: No you first.

John: No you first!
Cindy: No you first!!
John: No you first!!!
Cindy: No you first!!!!

*This technique is called "Parroting". Its when you repeat what the other person is saying in order to keep the conversation going. It can also be in the form of a question.*

John: SHUT UP B****!!!! ORDER THE D*** FOOD!!

Cindy: .... (runs away) *ahh there you see. There's no way to continue the conversation if one person starts running off as mentioned above XD*

In conclusion, its all about self control. Don't lose yourself when trying to talk with someone. Just relax and keep it clean.

The above characters are not real but completely fictional. If you thought that they were real, you have been mislead. Please reframe from performing this kind of behavior in front of your friends and family. This blog entry is for informational purposes ONLY and does not take comments or opinions as they may prove to be bias or not true.
John died the next day
*birds begin to sing*

Monday, June 4, 2007

Just the way it is


The day just gets boring by the minute. Just to clear things up, I'm not the type of person who can study 24/7 during a 5 day break before the next exam. If there were 2 days remaining I will no doubtfuly try to study the whole day through. But thats not the case at the moment now is it?

As for today.. i didn't doo too much work. Just flipped through market failure.. tried a few questions.. P1 was not so bad.. i got 35/43 correct *just picking out random questions*. But trying the essay questions... oh God i need more practice on that. But this alone took just a small portion of the day.

Sleep seems to be the best answer but that was a bit too hard to do. *Ever had that feeling that u can just sleep the whole night through but falling asleep was just not possible*

Tried watching tv but that was out because of the rain. *just gotta love that rain*
Reading a book... err not again... magazine perhaps... readers digest last year's issue??

ahh well... there's not much to do at home anymore.

Wishing that everyone was closer than they realy are

Friday, June 1, 2007


Well.. at last Physics is over. now just waiting for the next paper which is economics P1 and P2 next Friday. But till then some stress relief is good.

Went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday. It was one very very VERY long movie!! And quite funny too except for the parts where it drags for so long. I would rate it a 4/5

Movie started at 4pm and finished at nearl 7pm. After that went for dinner at Kenny Rodgers. The same four people that went to Kenny Rodgers the last time we came to sunway for a movie. *the regulars??* The food was alright. Had the same thing as last time when i came. *keeping the tradition??*

Later that night.. well the morning actually.. 12.16am was watching mtv. Came across a song that i haven'e heard for so long. Way Back Into Love (music and lyrics OST). *Brings back good memories =)*

And as for everyone else who is having exams at the moment, no worries as long as you did your best ;)

Some people make the world special by just being in it.